Italian FA to investigate eight own goals scored in cup match

By on February 7, 2014

The Italian Football Federation are set to investigate another possible match-fixing case after lowly Bagheria scored eight own goals in the final ten minutes of a Coppa Silica tie. Bagheria, which play in the eighth tier of Italian football, bizarrely put the ball in the back of their own net eight times to turn a one goal deficit in their regional cup group stage match against Borgata Terrenove into a 14-3 loss, probably due to match fixing.

Fixing scandals have been ripe in Italy over the past few decades, although the Italian FA are focusing a lot of their energy on erasing the problem. Thankfully, Bagheria’s newly found scandal is appearing at a very low level of football, although it will mean Borgata will qualify for the knockout stages of the Coppa Silicia ahead of Partinicaudace in goal difference.

Borgata were set to be knocked out of the tournament with ten minutes left in their final group match, only for a reported three Bagheria players to all put the ball into the back of their own net multiple times. The incident is nearly for sure due to match fixing, especially because of the odd amount of goals scored.

According to Borgata coach Ignazio Chianetta, saying: “It had been a real contest up to a certain point then Bagheria staged a farce.”

“Their captain told me they preferred us to qualify rather than Partinicaudace.

Meanwhile, Partinicaudace coach Giovanni Cammarata said: “I can guarantee there was no agreement between us and Bagheria.

“I can’t try to understand a motive for these eight own goals. It has nothing to do with football and I hope the FIGC investigates.”

FIGC’s regional president Sandro Morgana confirmed that the organization will investigate in the incident. “I will personally inform our prosecutors about this and they will look into the case and establish which sanctions should apply,” Morgana said.

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