Footballers and Marvel: The Age of Ultronaldo

By on April 25, 2015

Footballers tend to assemble at 3pm British time every Saturday afternoon, but the Earth’s mightiest heroes are reassembling for the sequel to the Avengers movie franchise. Richard Lewis copares Marvel characters and football figures:

Hulk/Hulk – This is perhaps the most obvious choice as the Zenit St Petersburg forward was named after his green counterpart and he likes to (quite often) smash the ball into the back of the net. The Brazil striker named himself after the Marvel great after believing his physic matched that of Bruce Banner’s green side. He can’t always control his talents, as proven by his recent fall from prominence, but when he does perform for club and country he is almost unstoppable. Most recently, Hulk scored for Zenit in their Quarterfinal exit to Spanish side and holders Sevilla in the UEFA Europa League.

Thor/Sigurdsson – Gylfi Sigurdsson often hammers in long range strike for Swansea, while Thor is also known for his hammer strikes. Another common trait is that Sigurdsson’s middle name is in fact ‘Thor,’ or ‘Þór,’ in his native tongue.

Captain America/Dempsey – The captain of America; a role both Clint Dempsey and Steve Rodgers fulfill this role. It is known that Captain America has an unbreakable shield and tough strength, which Dempsey also portrays as he never gives up when in those stars and stripes. Dempsey sometimes does look a bit rough with that grizzly beard of his, but lacks a bit of the look of someone who has spent seventy-years in a block of ice.

Jarvis(Vision)/Jarvis – Matt Jarvis of West Ham United shares a name with Tony Stark’s English side-kick in the movies. Jarvis (both of ’em!) has been restricted for years and it may take some dramatic events for his most powerful side to be released. However, when the real Jarvis signed up for life at Upton Park he probably did not have a Vision of his career going backwards from his successful spell at Wolves.

Hawkeye/Hawkeye – The arrow shooting assassin is also the name of the new goal-line technology brought into the Premier League and Wembley Stadium to make sure there is more pinpoint accuracy. If the obvious technology name link does not take your fancy, then Hawkeye’s alter-ego Clint Barton shares a surname with QPR midfielder Joey Barton.

Iron-man/Cech – They both wear helmets, their greatest weapons are their hands and he is as hard as nails. Both Petr Cech and Tony Stark are now very rich men after their life careers, while Thibaut Courtois could be seen to be like War Machine, the next in line to the Iron throne.

Quicksilver/Silva – He has silver in his name and he is very quick, plus he can take an elbow to the cheek. Both wear a kit that looks like it has been sponsored by a famous sports wear company. He speaks with an accent and could run the length of the pitch with the ball at his feet in a flash.

Scarlet Witch/Rafael – Not exactly the Da Silva twins, but like the Maximoff twins they both have Silva in their surname and they are both contained in the same place (Manchester). Also, it had to be a player who wears red for their home strip to match up with the colour of Scarlet. Rafael has not been magical for the Red Devils this season, but United do contain the tricks and spells to compete with the best. Although, the Scarlet Witch does play more mind games than Jose Mourinho. Arsene Wenger has suffered from the affect of mind games from Mourinho like the Avengers faced the consequences of Maximoff’s mind games.

Black Widow/Paul Scholes – The ginger assassin, who is willing to come out of retirement to support the team. Paul Scholes was often nicknamed ‘the Ginger Assassin’, while Natasha Romanoff is the red head with the license to kill.

Nick Fury/Michel Platini – In his time in charge of SHEILD/UEFA those above him were corrupt, such Sepp Blatter/Alexander Pierce, with the words ‘hail FIFA’ influencing the decisions of others. He often makes a cameo appearance come the big games.   

Ultron/Ronaldo – An almost unstoppable machine, it a takes a team to close him down. A creation which wants to be the best in the world and will not let anyone stop him. Cristiano Ronaldo would chose to have a team full of versions of himself, as he does not work well in a team.

And possibly coming soon…

Spider-man/Guttierrez – Jonas Guttierrez seems to be real secret identity of Spider-Man, rather than Peter Parker, as the Newcastle midfielder used to get out the Spidey mask when celebrating scoring a rare goal. However, there seems to be Civil War at the moment at Newcastle, with Guttierrez having a bust-up with John Carver and the St James’ Park supporters at war with owner Mike Ashley, with protests staged at the decisions which have been made.  

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