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There are many budding young football writers but very few jobs in football journalism. Since January 2013, Football Every Day has been a home for young writers with the talent, enthusiasm and work ethic very much necessary to one day succeed in living the dream of making a living covering the beautiful game. Our goal is to be a place for young writers to develop their skills and use their experience as a stepping stool into football journalism.

We’re always looking for other young writers to be involved, but at the same time value quality over quantity and as such, won’t take everyone interested on board. Feel free to tweet to us at @FootballEvryDay or email with an example of your work — or place we can find it — if you are interested in joining our team and of course, we would love to get to know you as a football fan. We’ll give you the freedom to write whatever you want, whenever you want to an audience of thousands of weekly readers coming from all over the world. Your work will also be featured on Google News and other news aggregators.

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